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Hazel's Pokemon Team by drill-tail
Hazel's Pokemon Team
jun (grovyle) - kind of a loner, gets along well with hazel and considers him a good partner. has no real opinion of other teammates, no particular interest in battle but wants to help hazel become league champion. eventually takes interest in training toa to become strong and independent.

toa (torchic) - hatched from egg found by jun and thus treats him like a mother figure (calling him mama). cheerful and naive, relatively strong with almost perfect stats. won't forgive anyone who harms jun in battle.

corone (delcatty) - very kind like an older sister, somewhat reserved. has a kind of admiration for jun after seeing him care for toa. highly attracted to moving objects like a cat would be.

raila (manectric) - somewhat sassy, considers herself elegant and mature, very interested in fashion but also enjoys battling very much. able to mega evolve but usually only when enraged.

chill (altaria) - gentle and caring, a bit quiet but always looking out for everyone. normally very sensitive to cold but can get overheated leading to mega evolution during which he's sensitive to heat. his mega evolved form has the coat off revealing his bare chest, and causes him to become bold and flashy.

hasamu (crawdaunt) - energetic and loves swimming, enthusiastic about teaching toa to swim even though she dislikes water. constantly getting into petty arguments with raila, who often succeeds in making a fool of him. he has a crush on corone.
jun and toa by drill-tail
jun and toa
my duo for oras.. i'll submit the full team gijinka pic on thursday

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